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29 May 2010 @ 02:01 am

hello. that's me again. Sorry for slacking on this comm, but I'm really busy and I think it's time for some changes. I want a brand new community without any differences between posting style and I don't want you all to wait a month for my new icons batch so here it comes!
Brand new community that I will try to keep clean and full.

crazy_faceit crazy_faceit crazy_faceit

Become a members, comment and wait for a new upcoming batches.
Thanks to you all!

xoxo, Ieva

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28 April 2010 @ 01:11 pm
people: HSM Cast, Jessica Stroup, Nina Dobrev, Leighton Meester, Blake Lively, Megan Fox, Candice Accola
tv shows: Gossip Girl
(The Unblairable Lightness Of Being, Dr. Strangeloved), 90210 (Another Another Chance)

Let's pretend and make a wishes out of airplanesCollapse )
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21 February 2010 @ 12:09 am
people: Sara Paxton (w/ Ashley Madekwe)
tv shows: The O.C., Life unexpected


Even though the gods are crazy, even though the stars are blindCollapse )

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22 January 2010 @ 03:51 pm
Eva Longoria, Jessica Szohr, Blake Lively, Katie Cassidy, Taylor Swift, Jensen Ackles, Shenae Grimes with Matt Lanter

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the baddest of them all?Collapse )

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07 January 2010 @ 03:26 pm

hello everybody! finally my dream came true - I have my own graphics community! I have some friends in my lj so I hope that yall will join this! This community is members only so if you want to see my graphics - just join.
Happy New Year everybody!

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